Where have I been? An update.

It has been a couple of months since graduation; the funny thing about graduating from college or university is that once its over, it’s done. No one tells you about the lost feeling someone can have once you don’t have a daily routine that includes your field. Friends who were seen everyday are no longer around and moving on with their lives and their careers in the industry. I admit I have always been behind in lighting and concept and maybe just life in general compared to my classmates. But I know I am unique and must find my own path with my work, wherever that may lead.


After graduation I was working two jobs. The first that I had for a bit was Virgin Mobile, a great company to work for but not in my field of expertise or in the place to give the hours or pay to support someone who lives on their own. As I was working at Virgin Mobile I also picked up a second job at… Dun dun dun the Walmart Portrait Studio. Before being hired at Blacks Photography I previously had an interview with them but didn’t take the job. However the portrait studio lived up to its reputation. It was horrible. Perhaps it was the district manager who made it so terrible, or maybe it was the lack of creativity that the photographers were given. Perhaps it was just myself. Needless to say I was not at the portrait studio for long. Things did fall into place for me two weeks after leaving the portrait studio though!


Recently I became employed at Vistek, a camera store here in Calgary. At Vistek I am a rentals consultant and it feels great to be doing something photography related again. Being in a retail business for photography equipment means I can easily demo new equipment and I have a reason to be researching new gear coming out all of the time. There was definitely a learning curve with this new job. For three years I worked for Blacks Photography, which has since been closed for a little over a year. There we sold photography equipment but everything was more amateur status, where as Vistek is a higher end equipment store. And man let me tell you about learning about video gear! A whole new ballpark that leaves me stumped. Any who, now that I have a job that encourages everything photography related I am able to conceive new photography ideas and have people to converse with these ideas about. People who can contribute to my learning like a classroom. Somehow I think these co-workers of mine will be a bit harsher with critiques since a lot of them have way more experience in the field than myself.


With being in an environment that encourages its employees to be creative and to learn new techniques and such to also teach our clients. I find that soon I will begin to make new work. That inspiration and yearning is slowly coming back to me. After months of hobbling around trying to find my footing I am finally taking the first steps into being a photographer. Here’s to the first of many years in launching a successful career. 


You don’t need endless time and perfect conditions.

Do it now. Do it today.

Do it for twenty minutes and watch your heart start beating.

 -Barbara Sher